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Technology is powering change in the workplace and disrupting traditional business models at a rapid pace. While most of us are simply running to keep up with the changes in the virtual world, the demand this world puts on our physical work environment is becoming more and more apparent.

Gone are the days of closed-offices, hierarchical layouts, and customer separation. Business leaders now understand that staff engagement and an identifiable and values-oriented culture are keys to business success and longevity.

The Financial Times, in its forecast for the future of business, states that in addition to shifts in technology, the huge post-boomer workforce of Gen X, Y, and Z will usher in significant changes to the workplace environment.

So where do we begin this transformation of workplace?

Today, attracting and retaining top talent to Taranaki is being helped along by metro housing unaffordability and our unique lifestyle and industry combo. To some extent this worker migration has always been a part of Taranaki’s story but today this comes with some direct challenges to the workplace environments we offer these new generations and arrivals.

We need to ask;

+ What do our workspaces say about our business and culture? What do we want them to say?

+ If we are embarking on a workplace transformation project, is there a way to engage our staff so they can have a sense of ownership of the spaces they will spend their working hours?

+ How do we create performance environments and avoid design by committee, or maybe just the loudest voices at the table?

+ How do we create a workplace for an increasingly mobile workforce?

+ And how do we make sure these changes are authentic to who we are and the customers we serve?

BOON Team Architects - Through the development of our own business, and by working with our small business, corporate, not-for-profit, and public sector clients – address these and other workplace design questions every day. We use Design Thinking as a human-centered way to meaningfully engage with owners, managers and staff, and to help drive successful and future-adaptable workplace results.

Powerco noc 2

Case study: The Powerco Network Operations Centre (NOC) is a dynamic example of workplace technical purpose meeting collaborative, culture-enhancing workplace design.

 As a 24-hour operating workplace, The Powerco NOC required design to encourage high levels of productivity at all hours, as well as being both safe and comfortable. To achieve this, the NOC is integrated on site, in a campus style working environment. This design facilitates connectivity, and inter-team engagement whilst ensuring workplace flexibility for the future needs of the business.

Because this site provides electricity to over 300,000 homes throughout New Zealand, infrastructural resilience in the face of a disastrous event was essential. Achieving mission critical infrastructure design requires special attention to robust building performance, and tailored solutions. This building meets IL4 building performance criteria, maintaining critical post-disaster operation.

By transforming their workplace to facilitate and elevate their company culture, Powerco is prepared and ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.  Are you?


Guest contributor: BOON Team Architects - Glenn Brebner

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