Seismic Assessment and Upgrade

New Zealand (aka the ‘Shaky Isles’) is a seismically challenged land where knowledge of good seismic design continues to expand, and code requirements increase accordingly. Architects play a significant role in managing and coordinating seismic assessments and subsequent strengthening works.

At Team Architects we collaborate with structural engineers on seismic upgrade considerations. We provide the following input:

  • Liaison with Heritage New Zealand
  • Managing the Resource and Building Consent processes
  • Providing a whole-of-property perspective and a holistic view of future building use
  • Addressing the estimates and economic viability of the project
  • Considering the building’s functionality, aesthetics and character
  • Coordinating gap analysis of fire code requirements
  • Advising on other Building Code upgrade requirements, including accessibility
  • Managing all consultant inputs
  • Considering Health and Safety in design
  • Addressing the urban design and street impact 
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