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TEAM Architects Scholarship applications open

Last updated:

29 May 2023

Applications are now open for the TEAM Architects Scholarship awards. This is the 20th anniversary of our scholarship programme, and we are very excited to have a fourth accredited architecture school, AUT, in the application mix this year. 

TEAM Architects Scholarships are awarded based on consideration of the design work in the first semester of the Master’s course. This is the only national scholarship open to fourth-year architectural students from the four Schools of Architecture here in Aotearoa New Zealand.

There are some minor changes to the scholarship programme this year. We have added an extra Distinction Award of $1000, and the Sustainability/Innovation Award will be retired owing to how these considerations are now generally embedded into all projects. 

Submissions are made by students to their architecture school: The University of Auckland, UNITEC, Victoria University or AUT. Each school will select two of the applicants to enter the awards. Then Our nine TEAM offices around the country rank the final eight submissions, and results are calculated to find our recipients. 

TEAM is proud of what this scholarship achieves, strengthening the links between the schools, architecture graduates and practice.  

Scholarship details  

To be considered for the TEAM Architects Scholarship awards, applicants must be in their first year of a Master of Architecture (Professional) programme in an Aotearoa New Zealand School of Architecture: The University of Auckland, UNITEC, Victoria University, or AUT.  A point of contact at each University will be in touch with the eligible students directly. 

Applicants are required to submit the main final project in the design course from the first semester of first year of Masters (It is not necessary to specially prepare a portfolio).  

There are two levels of award: 

Team Architects Scholarship Supreme Award

The monetary value of the Team Architects Scholarship Supreme Award is $3000 and is presented with a certificate. 

Team Architects Scholarship Distinction Awards

Three Scholarship Distinction Awards of $1000 may be awarded to students from each of the other three Schools of Architecture with a certificate.

Successful candidates are to use the Scholarships for study in the following calendar year for completion of their degree.