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TEAM Architects Scholarship recipients announced

Last updated:

19 May 2023

2023 marks the 20th anniversary of the TEAM Architects Scholarship programme. 

TEAM Architects Scholarships are awarded based on consideration of the design work in the first semester of the Masters course. This is the only national scholarship open to fourth-year architectural students from the three Schools of Architecture here in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Each year we ask each of the three Architecture schools: The University of Auckland, UNITEC in Auckland, and Victoria University in Wellington, to submit the work of three applicants for consideration. Then each of our nine TEAM offices around the country rank the nine submissions, and results calculated to find our recipients. 

The 2023 scholarships include the Supreme Scholarship of $3000; and two Distinction Awards of $1000, as well as the Sustainability/Innovation Award of $1000. 


We are delighted to share that the 2023 TEAM Architects Scholarship recipients are: 

Supreme Award: Chris Foster from Victoria University 

Distinction Scholarship: Ami Ishibashi from The University of Auckland 

Innovation and Sustainability Scholarship: Ami Ishibashi from The University of Auckland

Distinction Scholarship: Abigail Spence from UNITEC


A huge congratulations to all the scholarship recipients this year, and thank you to all the hard-working students who submitted their work. 

The most rewarding aspect of delivering this programme is hearing about the passion kiwi students hold for architecture. Recipient Ami Ishibashi had this to say:  

“For the past four years, studying architecture at the University of Auckland has been a tremendously rewarding experience. I have been fortunate to learn from many mentors and acquire insight into the sustainable future of architecture, a field to which I have been drawn from an early age. With the support from TEAM Architects, I will continue to work diligently and explore my love for architecture in the hopes of one day contributing to the sustainability of New Zealand. Thank you very much for supporting me.” 

The TEAM principals are proud of what this scholarship achieves, strengthening the links between the schools, architecture graduates and practice, especially for those practising architecture outside Wellington and Auckland.