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2022 TEAM Architects Scholarships awarded


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27 Jul 2022

TEAM Architects are pleased to announce the recipients of our TEAM Architects Scholarships for 2022.

First awarded in 2003, we’re pleased to mark the 20th year of the TEAM Architects Scholarship programme. This is the only national scholarship open to fourth-year architectural students from the three Schools of Architecture here in New Zealand.

For 2022, Distinction Awards go to Janae Van Agustin Panahon of the University of Auckland and Margie Gutang of Victoria University of Wellington.

The recipient of the TEAM Architects Scholarships Supreme Award is Ciaran O’Neill of UNITEC. He is also the recipient of the Sustainability and Innovation Award. Congratulations Ciaran!

About the TEAM Architects Scholarship programme

TEAM Architects Scholarships assist and encourage capable students with completion of the final year of their degree, and are awarded based on consideration of the design work in the first semester of the Masters course.

For 2022 we have been pleased to continue the value of the Supreme Scholarship of $3000; and two Distinction Awards of $1000, as well as the Sustainability/Innovation Award of $1000 established in 2020.

To select awardees, each school submits the work of three applicants for consideration. Each of our nine TEAM offices then rank the nine submissions and the results are tabulated.

In offering this scholarship programme the TEAM principals are keen to strengthen the links between the schools, architecture graduates and practice, especially for those practicing architecture outside Wellington and Auckland.

Our TEAM Directors again thank the three schools for their support. Our on-going relationship is greatly valued and we recently resolved at our national forum to continue funding the scholarships for 2023.