Palmerston North Social Housing




Palmerston North


New Plymouth

Aiming to put to ‘social’ back into social housing, the new Palmerston North housing development is setting a new standard for local social housing models. Designed to enhance the residents’ quality of living, the new units are open-plan, with eco-friendly, future proof features. All units are double glazed and well insulated. This multiunit development has been awarded 4-star life mark certification, which means the units have design specification that will meet tenant lifetime mobility and agility needs.

There are often concerns from local councils in conducting these projects. Concerns over project delivery, time and budgets that can stifle visions to improve social housing and the communities they serve.  What is needed in instances such as these is a shared vision between council and design team to deliver the best outcome on time for some of our most vulnerable communities.

This was key to the success of the Papaoiea Street Social Housing development.  While most city councils tend to request a traditional tender process, Palmerston North City Council took a bold step taking a design and build approach with BOON and construction partner – Latitude Homes. This model increased both design and value management through a partnership and collaboration that sped up the process and was of ultimate benefit to the community.

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